Sanders Towcester Chelsea boots - Black


Chelsea boots are the rebels in the British shoe fashion - while richly decorated shoes with a million laces give a conservative impression, the Chelsea boot is totally ripped off decoration. No wonder they became iconic for mothers and rockers in the 1960s, worn with tall, skinny pants, perfect for going from party to party in the Chelsea district of London.

Sanders Towcester are lined with leather and they are as light and flexible as a pencil shoe. The elastic sides are very tightly woven and tapered so it's up to you to decide when the shoe comes off, not the other way around.

The sole is lined with Goodyear welt, the golden standard for shoemakers. Welted shoes are far more durable than shoes where the sole is only glued. The sole is made from thick leather, dressed in quality rubber from Itshide. Moderate "football knots" ensure a good grip on wet asphalt.

Handmade at Sanders & Sanders traditional workshop in Rushden in Northamptonshire. Sanders has produced some of the best shoes in the UK since 1873.

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