Sanders Oxford shoes - Black


When you are ready to get your first pair of proper shoes and you plan to have them in good condition for a long time, the easiest option is to go to the source - the traditional shoe makers of England. Sanders Oxford is a shaded shoe, appropriate for all occasions, from business meetings to weddings. A simple, uncorrected double-stitched toe cap immediately tells you that this shoe means business.

"Oxford" means that the side panels (which tie the shoe together) are under the vamp, i.e. the front of the overlay. This design gives clean-cut impression with very thin and flexible leather. The vamp is lined with canvas to ensure comfort and ventilation while the heel is lined with leather.

The sole is so-called Goodyear welt, the actual gold standard for shoemakers. Welted shoes are far more durable than shoes where the sole is only glued. The sole is made of leather with a rubber stopper in the heel. If the sole is to be used extensively, we recommend to dress it in rubber. Use the leather sole a little first to ensure that the rubber has a good grip.

Handmade at Sanders & Sanders traditional workshop in Rushden in Northamptonshire. Sanders has produced some of the best shoes in the UK since 1873.

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