Sanders Kelso Derby boots - Black

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Discreet hunting boot for long outdoor walks, with a hint of English elegance. The overlay is plain, without unnecessary decoration that can get caught in branches and scratches. The panels are subtly sewn together with double stitches and twisted border.

Sanders Kelso is a "Derby", which means that the side panels (which tie the shoe together) are sewn on top. This method is typically used for casual shoes that will be easy to repair, perfect for hiking. Sanders Kelso is lined with leather and is softer and lighter than mountain boots.

The so-called Storm welt sole is a thicker variant of Goodyear welt where the welder, that's the leather strip that connects the sole with the leather, crabs longer on the upper end, thus keeping water and wind away. Welted shoes are far more durable than shoes where the sole is only glued.The sole is Itshide Commando, a thick rubber sole with a rough pattern that is the classic first choice for hunting and military boots.

Handmade at Sanders & Sanders traditional workshop in Rushden in Northamptonshire. Sanders has produced some of the best shoes in the UK since 1873.

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