Laboratory Perfumes scented candle - Tonka


Fabolous scented candle based on a perfume from the top shelf. The candle burns clean and long, and comes in a real measuring cup in glas form the Czech Simax which can be used after the candle is done.

Tonka form British Laboratoy Perfumes is based on Peruvian peppercorn, which hides a fruity scent under the immediate pepper. The name is taken form the Tonka-bean, which gives a hint of tobacco and vanilla. Like all of Laboratory Perfumes fragrances it is completely unisex and can be used by everybody that appreciates a discrete, natural scent.

  • Contents: 250 ml
  • Country of Origin: Britain
  • Topp notes: Peruvian pepper tree and citrus
  • Heart notes: Forest aroma
  • Base notes: Tonka-bean