Dr. Martens 1461 Straw shoes - Black

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Minimalistic derby-shoe in unmistakeably Dr. Martens style, with a large sole, and textured matt leather. 

Like all the original Dr. Martens-models are designed very clean, with as few seams as possible and only three holes for the shoe lace. Derby means that the side panels are sown on top of the vamp, or the front of the upper leather, which makes the shoe easy to repair. 

Dr. Martens patented Airwair-sole has air filled attenuator chambers which makes the shoe comfortable to walk in, even on hard surfaces and long days.

1461 has gotten the name after the date it saw the light of day, April 1st 1961. 1461 was introduced as a durable work shoe, but in the 70s and 80s it was enormously popular among political activists and university students. Good quality and compromiseless material has made Dr. Martens 1481 a timeless classic. 

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